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Are you looking for food in Loveland, CO or the best food in Estes Park? Come and enjoy the views and the biggest selection of all-Colorado brews in the state! Whether you’re coming back from a hike and craving Estes Park food or you were just golfing on the Marianna Butte golf course and need some Loveland food to fill up, stop on by! We have a wide selection of unique-to-Colorado dishes that won’t disappoint.

How To Sign Up...

Sign up online HERE or on your next visit. US residents only please.

Be sure to bring in your card each time you visit, and hand it to your server so it gets swiped and you get points! If you don’t have your card swiped (or account # manually entered) for 6 months, you’ll be bumped off our list as we assume you no longer visit us or perhaps you moved. So be sure to keep having your card swiped so you stay on our active list!

If You're Already a Member...

Click here to access your account to see your points or update your account information. You will need your card number, and your password is your last name when your account is first created. You can change that when you log in to your account.

We encourage you to check your account to track your purchases and make sure your account information is correct (address, phone, email, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). If you have any questions about your account, please feel free to contact us.

Program Details

After you are registered, each dollar spent equals 1 point in your account. When you accumulate 100 points, a $5 gift certificate will be mailed to you!

  • We’ll also mail you a FREE $7 gift certificate for your Birthday and family members get FREE $7 gift certificates for their Birthdays too!
  • Plus, anniversary discounts will be mailed to you.
  • Be the first to get insider information about us BEFORE anyone else does.
  • Receive Special Offers and Event Invites only for our rewards members.
  • And you’ll receive lots of other cool promotions and offers year round.

Wapiti Rewards FAQ

Does it cost anything?

The membership is free!

Why should I join Wapiti Rewards?

Every dollar spent will earn you free food fast. In just a couple of visits you could eat for free. You also receive a certificate for your birthday & anniversary, exclusive invitations to special events and exclusive savings. There are no limits! It’s a great way to treat and award yourself!

How do I get my Wapiti Rewards?

Points are automatically placed on your card with every purchase. You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Once you accumulate a reward point level, a Wapiti Award Certificate will be mailed to you to use on your next visit.

How do I join?

Sign up below or come into & ask to sign up for Wapiti Rewards. The application can be completed after the current visit’s purchase. Just turn in your application to one of our staff. It is important the application is correct and complete.

How do I use my card?

Every time you make a purchase at The Wapiti Pub we will either swipe your card or look up your membership and apply the purchase to your account.

There are no limits. It’s a great way to treat and award yourself!

It’s our way to Thank all our Friends and Clients!